Friday, October 24, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014

How do I compress four days of NYCC in to one post? Like always, this con was fun to see handmade things, find new artists, and just be surrounded by other awesome cosplayers. 

This year, however, I do have my fair share of complaints which clouded much of my experiences unfortunately. Everyone complains about big cons being packed, but I firmly believe the con has outgrown the venue and the pushing and shoving, aggressive attitude of many con-goers definitely dampened my mood. With their new policies too it made it virtually impossible to get access to the panels I wanted to see. Last year when I went I didn't expect much and didn't really have anything in particular I wanted to do, which meant I could just freely enjoy it..and when I was able to see John Barrowman's hilarious panel, that was just the cherry on top. This year though I had a lot of expectations on things I wanted to see, so when I got turned down multiple times for max capacity it just disappointed me. Anyways, I don't mean to rant or complain, but I think for these reasons the con was sort-of a blur and I cannot recollect too much anymore, although I took plenty of pictures.

One of the highlights for me was definitely attending the Rooster Teeth/RWBY panel and getting to meet some of the people behind the series. I am an avid RT fan and to finally meet these people in person was surreal. I had been working away on my Ruby Rose (RWBY) costume and I was so happy that they loved it and that other fans did too. Cosplaying Ruby was an amazing experience.. I was stopped for photos so much that I couldn't even keep count. Although I was disappointed I couldn't bring my prop scythe to the convention, it was great that people still loved it.

I feel like I missed a lot of goodies on the show floor, but at least we saw plenty of awesome figures that I'll never be able to afford, like these little Iron Man guys.

Conventions are the best because of all the talented artists. I wish I was a better illustrator so I could be like them, but supporting these wonderful people is awesome anyways.

This guy said he built his Tardis in 3 weeks. We unfortunately missed the Doctor cosplay meet-up in front of it, but there was plenty of Doctors coming and going even before. I only wish I had been able to get inside.

One of my biggest regrets is that I don't have any photos with other cosplayers besides this one. Even though people took plenty of pictures with me, I didn't get any with my own camera and they have yet to surface on the internet. /Sigh/ at least I have pictures with a hot dog-wielding Booker..

These Sailor Moon figures were just too cute! I did get to attend a Sailor Moon panel which showed off a lot of what to expect of the new dub. After Sailor Moon R I abandoned the dubs, but it should be cool to see how they include all the original scenes with the new voice actors.

We witnessed a Star Lord dance-off which was pretty entertaining. This one cosplayer looked so much like Chris Pratt! By now I'm sure many of you have seen his face all over the internet. I was surprised to see the next week how much of a hit he has become, but the dude is seriously a doppleganger and clearly knows how to have a good time. 


SMAUG! Ever since I saw they brought him to SDCC I have been envious, but I'm glad he was there in all his glowing, blinking eye glory. Its awesome to finally see some Tolkien! I was definitely missing the lack of "The Hobbit" stuff last year.

I grew up a big Batman fan, so it was pretty cool to see all the suits and part of Ben Affleck's new suit as well. I'm still not so sure how I feel about the new direction (do we really even need more Batman and Superman movies??) but it should still be interesting to see where things go with DC.

I saw that same wonderful Winter Soldier cosplayer from Supercon! I should have said something to her about it, but there was such a huge crowd around them that I figured perhaps not. At this rate I'll be sure to see her again.

So I don't have the best cosplay hall shots to show and I blame that on the impossible crowds. In other news, I did happen to do several private cosplay shoots at NYCC and even though its not my best work, I'm proud of myself for doing something so far out of my comfort zone. There were moments when I was shooting that I just wanted to run and hide, but I'm definitely going to stick with it and see if I'll be any good at it. If you're interested in seeing my cosplays or the other people I've shot check out my Facebook page!

Although I probably won't be going to another con for quite some time, I'm overall happy with how it went and I'm looking forward to another year of NYCC.

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  1. These are incredible photos! That Star Lord though - I hadn't seen the pics before, but he looked like the real deal. Just brilliant.