Monday, July 7, 2014

Florida Supercon 2014

Many of you may have been wondering where I've been lately and my only excuse is that June was an awfully stressful month. With personal anxieties and stresses plus the blood, sweat, and tears I was putting in to my cosplays, it feels like there was either no time or spirit for blogging. But now that FSC has come and gone, I'm in a good place to take this up again with a little write-up about my 3-day con experience. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. Since I was in cosplay and because I kept forgetting my camera strap (seriously who does that?) I didn't touch my camera once. I had originally booked cosplay shoots and was looking forward to the event as a way to really get in to that scene, but once I was there my social anxiety kicked in and I was far too sheepish to even ask people for quick photos on my phone. Being a HSP I get particularly overwhelmed with the over-stimulation of convention floors, but I'm hoping that with more exposure to these types of environments I can slowly get used to it. The photos of this post were all taken by my lovely boyfriend, so I apologize for any less-than-stellar compositions and blurred shots..he is a newbie after all.