Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wynwood Walls

Although this summer in Miami may not have been the most exciting couple of months, I was glad to just be back home. Even though I didn't do all that I had originally wanted to, I'm just happy that I had a chance to be back in a place so familiar and comfortable. However, I did get the chance to spend some time in some new places as well. Frequenting the art district of Wynwood for backgrounds in photos was an interesting experience, as I always felt like with each visit I was just seeing more and more.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cosplay: Eternal Scout (WTNV)

Whats challenging and fun about cosplaying a character from "Welcome to Night Vale" is there is no predetermined look. In many cases, cosplayers research and stare at source images trying to get their costumes as close as possible or purposely altering the design to fit their own vision. But with Night Vale there is much more left to your imagination. "Welcome to Night Vale" is a podcast series told from the perspective of a radio host named Cecil Palmer. Cecil reports on the goings-ons of "a friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep." If you haven't listened to this podcast, you really should. It has great POC characters, a canon homosexual relationship, music played as weather segments, and tons of dark humor.